CBT Groups

 Script Template for creating presentations.

Common CBT Group Factors

Outlines from Bieling, P., McCabe, R., & Antony, M. (2006). Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Groups. New York: Guilford.

1 – CBT Groups: Possibilities and Challenges

2 –Group Process in CBT: Using Group Dynamics Productively

3-Cognitive Strategies in CBT Groups

4-Behavioral Strategies in CBT Groups

5-Basic Structure & Implementation of CTB Groups

6- Overcoming Obstacles in CBT Groups: Challenges & Problems in Group Structure.

Discussion of Bieling, et. al. (2006) Chapters 1-6


Beiling 1-6 Script

Integration Mind Map

Cross-Cutting Techniques

Cognitive Techniques

Cognitive Restructuring

Dr. Cleaveland’s Cognitive Restructuring Presentation

Core Beliefs

Downward Arrow Technique

Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Presentation #1

Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Presentation #2

Decision-Making Files

Decisional Balance

 Behavior Change


Behavioral Activation Presentation

Behavioral Experiments

Behavior Modification

Behavioral Modification Presentation

Behavior Modification Files

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention Presentation

Relapse Prevention Files

Intrapersonal Skills

Exposure Therapy

Sleep Hygiene Files

Sleeping Better Presentation


Relaxation Response

Stress Surfing: Anxiety Theory & Progressive Muscle Relaxation (1 hr 20 min)

Identity & Purpose

Decision-making & Problem-Solving Files

Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills

Communication Skills Presentation

Communication Skills Files


Assertiveness Training files

Assertive Skills Presentation


Anger & Conflict Management files

Anger Management Presentation

Part II- CBT Groups for Specific Disorders

CBT Groups Content Table

Stress Surfing: Anxiety Theory & Progressive Muscle Relaxation (1 hr 20 min)

7 – Panic Disorder & Agoraphobia

Panic Disorder Prezi

Interoceptive Exposure Presentation


OCD Treatment Files

OCD Presentation

9-Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder Prezi


Depression Group Treatment Prezi

Mood monitoring presentation

Behavioral Activation Presentation

11-Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Affective Disorder Treatment Prezi

12-Eating Disorders

Eating disorder Presentation

13-Substance Abuse

Substance abuse presentation

Substance Abuse Treatment Files

14-Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders Treatment Files

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Presentation


Schizophrenia Powerpoint

Schizophrenia Treatment Files

Part III

16- Comorbidity

17-FAQs of CBT Group Intervention


 Child & Adolescent Therapy Groups

Child / Adolescent Group Treatment Files

Child & Adolescent Group Presentation

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