Relaxation Hypnosis

Your body can learn to activate its parasympathetic nervous system to reduce the fight or flight response. In fact, it does this naturally! However, to give the natural process a boost, try practicing a form of deep relaxation daily. Relaxation Hypnosis is one way. Try this  relaxation hypnosis I recorded in the studio. It’s about 20 minutes long. Practice at a consistent time of day if you can. Get comfortable in a darkened, quiet room, free of distractions. The most important instruction is to be non-judgmental. Simply let whatever happens be as it is. Don’t judge yourself or the process. Some people get relaxed the first time, but for others it requires practice.

Listen online to relaxation hypnosis.

Download relaxation hypnosis . When you get to the Google Drive site, click on the downward arrow in the top right part of the screen. It looks like this: