Process Groups

What are process groups?

What is process?

Guidelines for process groups

Yalom, I.  (2006). Understanding Group Psychotherapy (Video).

Volume I (Outpatients)

Volume II (Inpatients)

Volume III: (Interview with Irv Yalom)

Outlines from Yalom, ID with Leszcz, M (2005) The theory and practice of group psychotherapy (5th edition) New York: Basic.

1- Therapeutic Factors

2- Interpersonal Learning

3- Group Cohesiveness

4- Therapeutic Factors: An Integration

5- Therapist: Basic Tasks

6- Therapist: Here & Now

7- Therapist: Transference & Transparency

Transference & Transparency Presentation

Transference & Transparency Script

8- Client Selection

Process Group Client Selection Presentation

9- Composing Therapy Groups

10- Creating a Group

Forming a process group

11 – Beginning Stages of a Group

12 – Advanced Group

13 – Problem Group Members

14 – Therapist: Specialized Formats & Procedural Aids

15- Specialized Therapy Groups

16 –Group Therapy: Ancestors & Cousins

17: Training the Group Therapist

Appendix: Information & Guidelines for Participation in Group Therapy